Empowering an Inclusive Workforce and Economic Growth through Connectivity

At Magnet, our vision is an integrated, publicly funded employment and training system that supports an inclusive workforce, drives economic development, and promotes social prosperity across Canada. We believe in the power of collaboration and technology to transform the way we connect employers with skilled talent and foster improved economic outcomes across the country.

In today's global economy, innovation thrives on skilled talent. While Canada boasts a skilled workforce, we face the dual challenge of a small, aging population and a need for future-ready skills. Employers struggle to find the right talent, and governments face limitations in funding and assessing program impacts. In this way, fragmentation in our employment and training ecosystem can hinder economic outcomes without system-level change.

Magnet is the catalyst for addressing these challenges holistically.

We go beyond being a platform; we are Canada's sole Digital Community Workforce System. By leveraging technology, partnerships, and data-driven insights, we enable employers, government agencies, and individuals to navigate the evolving labor market landscape with precision and agility.

Together, we can build a future where every Canadian has access to meaningful employment opportunities and businesses thrive through access to skilled talent, resources and opportunities. Magnet is leading the way in driving impactful change and helping to shape the future of workforce development in Canada.