Driving Inclusive Economic and Workforce Development in Canada

We are Canada's only Digital Community Workforce System. Our core mission is to create a broad, adaptable, and integrated digital architecture that empowers organizations to develop and deploy innovative solutions without starting from scratch. By doing so, we bring long-term capacity to the system, enhance the efficiency of government-funded programs, and provide better labour market information, reporting, and evidence for future decision-making.

With a deep commitment to driving inclusive economic and workforce development in Canada, we exercise thought leadership and closely monitor the evolving landscape of the future of work. We stay informed about significant sector developments and government investments in the economy, allowing us to align our focus with the sector's needs. Through partnerships and targeted activities, we deliver on business themes that directly impact workforce and economic growth. Our technology roadmap is guided by these specific capabilities and priorities.

As a bridge between labour market supply and demand, we work in collaboration with government entities, employment agencies, industry partners, and enterprises to support the vision of an effective and well-coordinated employment and training system. Magnet's innovative approach brings together various technologies, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving digital solution that inclusively connects organizations and businesses with talent and abundant opportunities. Together, we are driving positive workforce and economic development, fostering a prosperous future for Canada.


An integrated, publicly funded employment and training system that supports an inclusive workforce, economic development, and social prosperity across Canada.


Magnet seeks to realize this vision by leading the creation of a digital infrastructure, in collaboration with our partners, that connects organizations and individuals of all backgrounds to opportunities and support.

Four Pillars of Magnet's Approach

Harness Technology Integration

We’re empowering organizations through integrated technologies and cutting-edge tools for training, assessment, and matching. By fostering connectivity and streamlining processes, we will help organizations unlock the full potential of Canada's workforce.

Build A Community of Partners

We believe in the power of building strong partnerships to drive collective action and foster local innovation. Through convening and supporting the organizations working within the ecosystem we can create a dynamic network of partners, experts and changemakers that align efforts, to enhance and amplify the positive impact of our collective actions.

Lead Forward-Thinking Conversation

Our vision extends beyond traditional approaches, embracing a dynamic ecosystem where collaboration and connectivity drive impactful outcomes. As recognized thought leaders, we’re inviting stakeholders to reimagine pan-Canadian workforce development, leveraging a unique network-based approach to pioneer new solutions in this ever-evolving space.

Align Priorities for System-Level Solutions

Magnet is committed to long-term sustainability, aligning business themes and our technology roadmap with ever-evolving public priorities. With a proven track record in delivering workforce management solutions, we have developed deep knowledge and expertise in addressing the needs of Canada's labour market. Our reputation as a trusted partner stems from our ability to align with public priorities and deliver impactful solutions.

Magnet’s Collaborative Leadership

Guided by Values, Fueled by Innovation

Magnet’s senior leadership team fosters collaboration within our organization and with partners, aligning efforts to fulfill our vision, mission, and uphold our values. As an initiative out of Toronto Metropolitan University, Magnet represents the university's commitment to creating a culture of action in driving workforce development through innovative solutions. Through effective operations and a commitment to curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, they cultivate strong relationships that drive our collective success.

Magnet Executive Director Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson Executive Director

Mark Patterson is the visionary and Executive Director of Magnet. With a reputation as a prominent speaker and prolific partnership builder, Mark is recognized as a pioneer and change-maker in the field. His passion lies in leveraging technology solutions to foster collaboration within the employment and training ecosystem, ultimately making a positive impact on Canada's economic outlook. With a focus on empowering individuals within the ecosystem, Mark strives to create innovative pathways for collaboration and drive transformative change.

Emily Madden Senior Director

Emily Madden is the driving force behind Magnet’s organizational efficiency and strategic alignment. Emily has a deep understanding of the future of work and the importance of nurturing emerging talent. Her focus is on equitable access, empowerment, and collaboration on nationwide opportunities for economic growth. With a creative and curious nature, Emily is dedicated to unleashing the potential of individuals and driving positive change in Canada's employment and training landscape. She strongly believes that leadership is a mindset that should be embraced by all, and fosters a culture of growth and celebration.

Florence Rousseau Director, Marketing & Program Advancement

Florence leads a talented team to amplify Magnet's grand vision of driving innovative systems change across Canada. With a sophisticated approach, she leverages data, collaboration with Magnet's community of partners, and a lens which celebrates diversity and inclusion, to develop effective communication strategies. Florence is unwavering in her dedication to social innovation, and expanding Magnet's impact and mission to foster positive change nationwide. Through her strong leadership, she harnesses the collective strength of the communications team, creating a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

Jessica Dubelaar Director, Insights & Implementation

Jessica leads the successful execution of partnership projects, community deployments and integration of technology solutions. Jessica works closely with partners to execute on collaborative approaches that can help address pan-Canadian workforce development challenges. With a strong service orientation and partnership focus, her team develops and maintains deep understanding of the complex labour market landscapes across the country, which enables Magnet to proactively seek insights and support Magnet's partners by contributing to actionable strategies and their overall success.

Sumentha D'Souza Director, Operations & Administration

Sumentha oversees critical functions with her dedicated team, by collaborating closely with Toronto Metropolitan University on Human Resources, finance, and legal matters, ensuring seamless operations and administration of grant programs. Sumentha cultivates an environment that aligns with the University's reputation as Canada’s most creative, connected, and entrepreneurial institution, while also nurturing Magnet's distinct organizational culture. Sumentha is a passionate advocate for learning, development, inclusion, diversity, and fairness, recognizing that lasting positive impact on Canada's employment and training ecosystem begins within the organization itself.

Zachary Rose Director, Planning & Communications

Zak oversees strategic partnerships, collaborative projects, events, and engagement across Magnet’s pan-Canadian community of partners. Zak and his team play a crucial role in driving Magnet's long-term strategic planning process, facilitating high-level strategy conversations among the leadership team and providing support to Magnet's Advisory Board. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by our partners, Zak and his team actively seek collaboration opportunities, craft proposals, and implement the Magnet strategic plan to drive positive impact and sustainability in Canada's employment and training ecosystem.

Amy Di Palma

Senior Manager, Project Implementation

Ron Samson

Senior Manager, Data Insights

Emily Montgomery

Senior Manager, Partnership Engagement

Amanda Georgio

Senior Manager, Operations and Culture

Expert advice for strategic planning and sustainability

Magnet’s Advisory Board

Magnet's Advisory Board comprises distinguished individuals from diverse sectors, including technology, finance, government, academia, and non-profit, among others. Representing various regions in Canada, these board members are esteemed business and community leaders with extensive networks and recognized expertise.

Connecting knowledge and expertise across diverse sectors, regions, and backgrounds

Advisory Board Members


Hon. Bill Morneau

Former Minister of Finance,
Government of Canada


Dr. Laurie Waye

President and CEO,
Coast Mountain College

Christian Dandeneau

CEO and Co-Founder,
ID Fusion Software

Dr. Frederic Dimanche

Director, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Toronto Metropolitan University

Dr. Marketa Evans

President and CEO, Colleges Ontario

Jean-Pierre Giroux

President, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium

Paul Jenkins

Former Senior Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada

Dr. Alex (Sandy) MacDonald

President and CEO, Holland College

Dr. Matthew Mendelsohn

Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group and Visiting Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Janice Price

President of Creative Gains Consulting, Ltd.

Nobina Robinson

Senior Fellow, C.D. Howe Institute and CEO (retired), Polytechnics Canada

Norm Sabapathy

Executive Vice President, People, Communications and Technology, Cadillac Fairview Corporation

Mohit Talwar

Partner, Maverix Private Equity

Dr. Anna Triandafyllidou

Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration, Toronto Metropolitan University.

Andrew Williams

Principal, Liberty Square Consulting