Magnet works alongside enterprise organizations across Canada, providing an extra layer of support to their communities of small businesses.

By partnering with Magnet, enterprises can enhance their network's capabilities and offer valuable resources for talent acquisition, business growth, upskilling, and more.

Why work with Magnet

Enhanced support for your business community

Partnering with Magnet as an enterprise organization grants you access to powerful tools that enhance your engagement and support for your business community. Our targeted messaging tool enables you to deliver customized, timely information about research, events, and the labour market directly to your community, boosting awareness of essential resources and industry trends.

Through tools like the Outcome Adjudicator, you can streamline the delivery of funding programs for businesses within your network by consolidating application review, reporting, and communication in a single platform. Moreover, members of your network gain the ability to connect with funding programs offered by other partners across Canada. By leveraging customized integrations with our technology partners, your Magnet community can access tailored digital courses and training, fostering upskilling and promoting business growth.

Magnet goes beyond being a technology provider; we become your partner in ensuring the success of your business community. As an enterprise partner, we offer ongoing support and informational sessions to help your network access relevant tools, learning opportunities, and programs, empowering them to stay competitive and thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

Featured initiative

RBC Future Launch

Magnet proudly collaborates with RBC Future Launch to provide assistance to youth job seekers and small businesses within RBC's extensive network through the RBC Future Launch Employer Portal.

Powered by Magnet, the RBC Future Launch Employer Portal connects employers with top young talent across Canada, offering access to RBC resources and support for managing and growing their businesses. Youth job seekers can easily find matches for jobs, work placements, and internships with Canadian small and medium-sized businesses, including those available through RBC's vast network of business clients.

"Together with Magnet, we're helping connect youth job seeker with the right employers and enabling significant progress in their careers."

Mark Beckles,
Senior Director, Youth Strategy & Innovation, RBC

In today's evolving demographic landscape, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) rely on access to young talent to maintain competitiveness. The partnership between RBC Future Launch and Magnet provides SMEs with a comprehensive solution that delivers multiple benefits. Through the RBC Youth Employer Portal, businesses can target job opportunities to students across more than 125 post-secondary institutions using the Outcome Campus Connect Tool. Additionally, businesses can efficiently complete their applications for the Student Work Placement Program, funded by the Government of Canada, which provides a wage subsidy of up to $7,000 when hiring eligible students.

Throughout the partnership, Magnet actively engages RBC's network through office hours, presentations, and guides, enabling businesses to optimize their use of the RBC Youth Employer Portal. Together, we connect businesses with talented individuals, saving time and effort, and drive greater participation in government programs, benefiting both employers and students.

To date, the partnership has achieved the following results:



youth job matches

Successfully placed

33,700 Youth Job Seekers

in meaningful work-integrated learning and/or job opportunities

Provided funding to support

33,700+ student work placements

Assisted nearly

1,000 RBC-affiliated organizations

with platform registrations, referral meetings, and information sharing about opportunities available through Powered by Magnet programs.

In collaboration with Royal Bank of Canada