Magnet collaborates with employment service providers and community organizations, offering innovative technology solutions to enhance workforce and economic development.

With Magnet's platform, organizations can effectively manage and deliver services that connect individuals and businesses with opportunities and support, creating a smarter and easier experience.

Why work with Magnet

Empower Your Program Management and Delivery

Magnet works in partnership with organizations to develop customized digital solutions that address fragmentation within Canada's employment, education, and training ecosystem. Through our collaboration, we can transform your program management and delivery, resulting in increased collective action and impact.

Our technology equips organizations with the tools to streamline access to job opportunities, career development resources, and actionable insights for their users. Additionally, users can benefit from learning tools such as career and personality assessments, interview preparation resources, industry-specific learning labs, and access to microcredential learning opportunities through our Marketplace of Learning, supported by training partners across Canada.

Featured initiative

Work in Manitoba

In collaboration with Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW), Magnet has played a pivotal role in the implementation of the Work in Manitoba job portal. This initiative was driven by the Province of Manitoba's recognition of the persistent labor shortages and the need to connect employers with talent while facilitating job seekers' access to opportunities within the province.

At a glance

  1. Integrated Technology: The Work in Manitoba job portal serves as a single window for employers in Manitoba to access talent, while providing job seekers in the province a centralized platform to connect with these employers seamlessly.
  2. Convening of Partners: To minimize duplication, maximize resource efficiency, and inform policy development and economic decision making, EDW has brought together various partners within the Manitoba economic ecosystem. This includes sector councils, chambers of commerce, post-secondary institutions, and employment agencies, all aligned around the single jobs platform.

What's Next

Looking ahead to the Future State (ending March 31, 2026), the project will implement requirements based on the Current State analysis. This may involve the addition of new landing pages, development work, and the configuration of the Work in Manitoba network. EDW will focus on implementing operational requirements and further engaging partners to refine the reporting dashboard based on their needs. These ongoing efforts will ensure continuous improvement and optimization of the project to deliver greater value to all stakeholders involved.

"For more than two years, Magnet has served as our trusted technology partner, enabling us to collect valuable candidate profiles from multiple international recruitment missions. In November 2022, EDW took on an expanded mandate as administrators of the Province of Manitoba's Work in Manitoba job portal. The portal, now available to all Manitoba employers and job seekers from Manitoba, Canada, and around the world, has garnered significant success with over 15,000 candidate profiles and 980 Manitoba employers utilizing the platform to post their job vacancies.

EDW's team acknowledges the expertise provided by Magnet in launching the Work in Manitoba job portal, and we look forward to continuing our productive relationship as we explore potential functionality enhancements and prioritize future implementations. Together, we are making a significant impact on connecting talent with opportunities in Manitoba."

Wynne Au,
Senior Director, Talent Program Manager, Economic Development Winnipeg


In collaboration with Economic Development Winnipeg and the Government of Manitoba