Magnet’s diverse service offerings have been meticulously developed through deep domain expertise in the interventions designed and deployed within the Canadian labour market ecosystem.

These offerings are not just functional components of our digital infrastructure; they are the result of years of experience, collaboration, evaluation, and innovation aimed at addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that shape Canada’s labour market.

Magnet’s major segments of service offerings serve as a validation of our commitment to building a digital infrastructure that goes beyond functionality. They are a testament to our dedication to building a digital infrastructure and crafting solutions that empower individuals, organizations, and communities across Canada, ultimately contributing to a more dynamic and inclusive labour market landscape.

Magnet’s Segments of Service Offerings

  • Community Hubs

    Our core functionality is a comprehensive suite of engagement tools tailored to enhance project outcomes and support our intermediary partners. Community Hubs provide a seamless platform for our partners to connect with their communities and efficiently manage their projects.

    • Marketplace of Learning & Assessment
    • Digital Knowledge Mobilization
    • Tools for Job Seekers & Employers
    • Campus Connect Tools
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  • Project Incubation,
    Training & Consultation

    Our expertise in project delivery sets us apart as we continuously strive to not only meet but exceed our partners’ expectations by offering custom training and adoption tools tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, and leveraging our deep domain expertise to develop and deploy training solutions that empower our partners to maximize the impact of their initiatives. Further, Magnet’s marketing and amplification service offerings ensure program advancement through reach and custom design. 

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  • Labour Market Information
    & In-System Reporting

    Our data functionality products are at the forefront of the Canadian employment and training ecosystem. They include adaptive and captivating data visualizations that offer a comprehensive and user-friendly experience and cater to the unique needs of workforce and economic development communities. This functionality has been leveraged by major national projects where the government has entrusted us with data aggregation from all program delivery partners.

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  • Maintenance & Development

    Our Infrastructure and Development Operations encompasses the critical maintenance of our existing infrastructure and functionality, ensuring our integrated technology partners and the platform itself run smoothly and efficiently, and actively seeking out and collaborating with technology partners who keep us on the ‘cutting edge.’ We ensure that we are always at the forefront of any new and relevant technology developments, enhancing our capacity to deliver innovative solutions

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