Magnet partners with federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal governments to support and strengthen public programs related to job creation and the labour market.

With the Magnet platform, government partners can provide a coordinated entry point where users can easily access information and resources and connect with multiple employment, training, funding, and business growth programs.

Why work with Magnet

Enhance Collective Action & Impact

Magnet offers a powerful suite of technology and tools, partially developed through public funding, that is fully customizable for government partners at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.

Government partners benefit from access to Magnet's wide range of services and resources provided through integrated technologies, paired with ongoing technical support. With Magnet's digital platform, it's easy to manage the coordinated delivery of employment, social service, innovation, and economic development programs in your region while driving greater program uptake. Government partners can also access valuable data and labor market information to understand and address local needs, inform policy, and develop future programs.

  • Effective Technology Integrations

    Provide access to learning management systems and a resource center integrated within the Magnet platform, enhancing the delivery and coordination of training efforts in specific regions.

  • Regional Coordination

    Easily coordinate training efforts and program delivery within specific regions, ensuring targeted and effective support for local needs.

  • Real-time Data and Reporting

    Capture real-time data to improve reporting, assess performance and program delivery, understand labor markets, and develop evidence-based strategies for workforce development.

  • Beyond Job Matching

    Give partners the ability to direct job seekers to services beyond job matching, providing them with a comprehensive range of employment and social support programs.

  • User Empowerment

    Empower service providers and users to understand the opportunities available to them based on their region, skills, and experience, enabling them to make informed decisions about their career paths.

Case Study

Student Work Placement Program and Outcome Campus Connect

Funded through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) and the Outcome Campus Connect platform are two interconnected initiatives that have significantly impacted the creation of meaningful work-integrated learning opportunities for postsecondary students across Canada.

As one of the delivery partners appointed by ESDC, Magnet has played a pivotal role in delivering the SWPP, to-date facilitating the allocation of more than 34,000 wage subsidies to businesses. These subsidies incentivize employers to provide valuable work-integrated learning placements for Canadian postsecondary students, helping them gain practical experience and develop essential skills.

In addition to the SWPP, Magnet has also developed the Outcome Campus Connect platform, in collaboration with Orbis Communications, which is integrated into over 120 postsecondary institutions nationwide. This platform enables employers to easily connect with postsecondary students by posting their job opportunities in a centralized location. Through the Outcome Campus Connect platform, employers can access a diverse pool of talented students, fostering strong connections between the academic and business worlds.

The Outcome Campus Connect platform is more than just a job posting tool. It also serves as a comprehensive reporting system for all 27 delivery partners of the SWPP and Innovative I-WIL programs, as mandated by ESDC. This integrated reporting functionality ensures streamlined program reporting back to the government, providing valuable insights and data on the outcomes and impact of these initiatives.

To further support the successful administration of subsidy programs, we also developed the Outcome Adjudicator tool which empowers program delivery partners to efficiently administer wage subsidies, simplifying the application and reporting processes. With the Outcome Adjudicator, partners can effectively manage the program, ensuring accurate and timely subsidy allocation while maintaining compliance with program guidelines.

Together, these initiatives have enabled thousands of students to gain practical experience and prepare for their careers. Join us in driving positive change and shaping Canada's workforce landscape. Discover the possibilities of partnering with Magnet to create innovative programs that make a lasting impact on the future of work. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and unlock the full potential of our collaborative solutions.

In its capacity as a SWPP delivery partner, Magnet has proudly supported the following outcomes:

Data is based on the 2021 - 2022 term.

Businesses across

10 provinces and 2 territories

received wage-subsidy funding through the Student Work Placement Program

2,400+ Employers

were incentivized to provide quality work-integrated learning placements for Canadian post-secondary students

34,000+ Students

have participated in work-integrated learning opportunities

32% of Students

identified as members of under-represented groups

95% of Students

said they gained experience during their placement that will help them in the workplace after graduation

Funded by the Employment and Social Development Canada's (ESDC) Student Work Placement Program.