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All across Canada, organizations of all sizes and from all sectors are using Magnet’s tools to power initiatives that support economic development and create more opportunities for individuals and businesses.

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What is it?

Verified and reputable programs and tools

Communities Powered by Magnet harness technology and strategic partnerships to help individuals access the skills, resources, and experiences they need to grow and stay relevant in their careers and help businesses bolster their productivity and resilience.


Your world of opportunities

By joining a community that’s Powered by Magnet you get access to a marketplace of learning for reskilling and upskilling, support services and resources, and connections to opportunities. Joining one community is your passport to accessing many different communities that are Powered by Magnet to help you stay ahead of change in Canada’s job market.


Access tools and talent to nurture and grow your workforce

Joining a community that’s Powered by Magnet provides connections to funding opportunities, resources, and an engaging network to bolster productivity and resilience. Communities also support employers in building pipelines of talent and upskilling, training, and retaining the workforce you need.

Magnet's Digital Infrastructure

One entry point for recruitment, workforce development, funding, and business intelligence

In collaboration with our technology partners, Magnet is leading the creation of a digital infrastructure to foster improved economic outcomes across the country. Magnet brings together technologies, creating an ever-evolving digital solution that inclusively connects organizations and businesses with talent and opportunities. Explore the range of initiatives that are Powered by Magnet to find your starting point.