A unique, ever-evolving and revolutionary solution

Magnet is at the forefront of building a comprehensive digital infrastructure that connects organizations and individuals across Canada. In collaboration with our diverse partners and stakeholders, we ensure the inclusivity and effectiveness of our platform. Our goal is to enable stakeholders to build customized digital communities that deliver education, training, and employment services. With our core technology and partner integrations, organizations can connect networks of businesses and individuals to relevant tools and provide innovative solutions using our ready-made digital infrastructure and tools.

These communities can include integrated job boards, learning management systems, assessment tools, communication and knowledge mobilization tools, program management, data collection tools, and more. By providing a common entry point for accessing and distributing opportunities, support, and resources, our platform serves as a catalyst for collaboration. We empower stakeholders to work together in driving innovation, economic development, and social impact, ultimately shaping a more inclusive and thriving workforce for the future.

Technology Partners

At Magnet, we are proud to collaborate with leading technology partners who help drive our network's success and enhance the experiences of individuals, businesses, and communities. These strategic alliances allow us to provide cutting-edge solutions and empower people with the right opportunities and knowledge. Here are two of our core technology partners:

WhoPlusYou: Powering the Magnet Network

WhoPlusYou's technology serves as the backbone of the Magnet network. Their powerful platform supports both economic and social prosperity by connecting individuals, businesses, and communities with the opportunities they need. With intelligent matching algorithms, WhoPlusYou enables employers to find the perfect talent, assists employment service providers in streamlining their workflows and measuring outcomes, and ensures that the right content and learning resources are accessible to individuals and organizations within communities and across our network.

Orbis, a division of Symplicity: Collaborating for outcomes

Orbis and Magnet have forged a strategic partnership to develop Outcome and Outcome Campus Connect, an integrated network that simplifies the opportunity posting process for employers seeking students in postsecondary institutions nationwide. By connecting Orbis' extensive network of post-secondary schools with Magnet's network of industry partners, we create more work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities for students. Our shared mission is to empower individuals with the information, technology, and opportunities they need to unlock their full potential and thrive in their chosen fields.

Driving Collaborative Solutions for Pan-Canadian Labour Market Challenges

Magnet is building a robust network that empowers individuals, businesses, and communities through the power of technology. In addition to our core technology partners, we have integrated a wide range of tools and partnerships to enhance the Magnet experience. These include:

Integrated Learning Management Systems and Assessment Tools

We have seamlessly integrated learning management systems and assessment tools into our platform. This integration allows individuals and organizations to access comprehensive educational resources, track progress, and measure outcomes, all within the Magnet network.

Content Producers

We collaborate with a diverse range of content partners to ensure that our users have access to high-quality learning materials, industry insights, and valuable resources. By leveraging these partnerships, we provide a rich and dynamic content ecosystem that supports continuous learning and growth.

Data Providers

We have established partnerships with data providers to ensure that our platform is fueled by the most accurate and up-to-date information. This allows us to offer intelligent matching, personalized recommendations, and insightful analytics to our users, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their potential.

Technology Developers

In addition to our core technology partners, we actively seek new opportunities to collaborate with innovative technology companies. By partnering with like-minded organizations, we expand our network and leverage cutting-edge tools and solutions to continually enhance the Magnet experience.

We believe that collaboration is the key to success, and are always open to exploring new partnerships and opportunities to further develop our network through technology tools. By working together with forward-thinking organizations, we can unlock even greater potential and create a future where everyone has the tools and opportunities to thrive.