What is a Digital Community Workforce System?


Taking an innovative networked approach to integrating multiple technologies creates a robust and adaptable digital infrastructure that empowers businesses, and the many organizations working to support businesses across Canada, with access to valuable tools such as reporting, opportunity-matching, training, assessments, and labour market insights. By leveraging these capabilities, we can help businesses access public resources more effectively, enhance their competitiveness, and navigate the dynamic landscape of the Canadian market, driving growth and success.


Partnering with a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, including government, industry organizations, educational institutions, and service providers, fosters collaboration and collective impact in workforce and economic development. By supporting and leveraging the strengths and resources of each partner, we can build innovative and comprehensive solutions to address complex challenges, and drive sustainable growth, benefiting both individuals and the broader Canadian economy.


Enabling employers to find skilled talent and individuals to build relevant skills contributes to a stronger Canadian economy by fostering a match between labor supply and demand. This alignment promotes business growth, innovation, and productivity, while empowering individuals to maximize their potential and contribute to the country's overall economic prosperity.


Empowering Canada's employment and training ecosystem through integrated tools and resources fosters efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. By providing real-time reporting, program administration support, labour market insights, and tools for equity, diversity, and inclusion, we can help enhance the effectiveness of workforce development efforts positioning Canada for long-term economic success.

Our Impact

Since 2014, Magnet has collaborated with partners nationwide to support workforce and economic development programs aimed at driving system-level change.