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Amplify Your Influence and Impact, and Deploy Customizable Solutions

Magnet offers industry associations and sector councils the opportunity to amplify their influence and impact on workforce development and economic growth. By partnering with Magnet, you can leverage our platform's reach and capabilities to effectively engage with stakeholders, share valuable insights, and drive positive change within your industry.

Additionally, Magnet provides industry associations and sector councils with customizable tools to deploy their programs and initiatives. Our technology enables you to tailor the delivery of your programs, ensuring they align with the unique needs and goals of your sector. This customization empowers you to create targeted solutions that address workforce challenges, enhance skills development, and drive industry growth.

Featured initiative

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium

Empowering the Manufacturing Sector through Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and address workforce challenges in different industries. Our long-standing partnership with Excellence in Manufacturing (EMC) exemplifies how industry associations and sector councils can leverage the Magnet platform to support their work in specific sectors.

Excellence in Manufacturing (EMC) has been at the forefront of supporting students and recent graduates in attaining employment within the manufacturing sector through their WILWorks program. Recognizing the need to address labor shortages and equip young talent with the necessary skills, EMC collaborated with Magnet to enhance their initiatives and create lasting impact.

The WILWorks Program

EMC's WILWorks program consists of the High School, Trades and Graduate Community projects, which aim to develop students' skills and bridge the gap between education and industry. These projects have been successful in building a talent pipeline and addressing labor shortages within the manufacturing sector. These WILWorks projects utilize Magnet’s Outcome Adjudicator and reporting tools to provide employers with wage incentives for hiring and providing visibility to youth aged 15-29 in skilled trades.

The collaboration between Magnet and EMC has been instrumental in the continuous expansion and sustainability of the WILWorks projects. Magnet's platform and digital tools have simplified the application and reimbursement process, connecting eligible employers with wage subsidies and providing youth with valuable employment opportunities.

The positive feedback from employers and participating youth showcases the power of the Magnet platform and collaborative approach in streamlining and supporting Canada's employment and training ecosystem. By leveraging Magnet's technology and resources, EMC has been able to effectively connect industries with talent, address labor shortages, and empower the manufacturing sector.

In collaboration with Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium

Benefits for Industry Associations and Sector Councils

Enhance Your Industry's Competitiveness and Growth

Partnering with Magnet offers numerous benefits for industry associations and sector councils:

Access to a Comprehensive Workforce Platform

Leverage Magnet's platform to connect employers, job seekers, and training providers within your industry. This comprehensive workforce ecosystem enables efficient talent acquisition, skills development, and knowledge sharing.

Tools to Increased Visibility and Influence

Deploy customizable solutions to raise the profile of your industry association or sector council. Engage with a broader audience, gain recognition as an industry leader, and enhance your influence in shaping workforce policies and initiatives.

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborate with other industry associations and sector councils within the Magnet network to address common challenges, share resources, and foster cross-sector collaboration. By working together, you can drive collective impact and accelerate the growth of your industry.

Thought Leadership and Advocacy

Position your industry association or sector council as a thought leader by contributing valuable insights, research, and best practices to Magnet's platform. This allows you to advocate for your industry's needs, influence policy discussions, and drive positive change.

Access to Data and Analytics

Benefit from Magnet's data and analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights into your industry's labor market dynamics, talent needs, and emerging trends. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and develop targeted workforce strategies.

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