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Fostering Collective Action and Local Innovation

Canada's labour market is constantly evolving, presenting unique challenges. Demographic shifts and rapidly evolving skills requirements are just a few examples. It is crucial that key industries upskill their existing workforce, and small businesses embrace digital capabilities to remain competitive. No single organization can fully comprehend or address these challenges alone. By working in collaboration, we can develop new solutions that promote wider uptake of programs and services, ensuring seamless connections for individuals and businesses.

With Magnet, you gain access to:


Extensive Network and Collaboration:
Benefit from our broad network of stakeholders, and collaborate with like-minded partners to drive innovation, exchange best practices, and collectively address the labour market challenges faced by Canada.


Technology-Driven Solutions:
Leverage our cutting-edge technology infrastructure to streamline processes, enhance connectivity, and drive impact. With our continuous deployment of new solutions, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, addressing emerging needs and gaps in the labour market.


Insightful Data and Reporting:
Gain valuable insights into labour market trends and outcomes through our robust data analytics and reporting capabilities. Make informed decisions based on evidence to drive effective strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and maximize impact.


Thought Leadership and Expertise:
Tap into our extensive expertise and thought leadership in the field of workforce development. Benefit from our collaborations with government, industry, and community service providers, ensuring that our technology roadmap aligns with sector needs and contributes to the advancement of Canada's labour market.

Who we work with

Building better solutions, together


Empowering Evidence-Based Policy and Program Development

Magnet is a trusted partner for governments at all levels, providing valuable insights and tools to inform evidence-based decision-making and drive effective policy and program development. By leveraging our technology infrastructure, government partners gain access to comprehensive labor market data and analytics, enabling them to understand local needs, address skill gaps, and make informed investments in workforce development. With Magnet, governments can align initiatives with Canadian priorities, enhance program evaluation, and ensure that Canada has the skilled workforce it needs for future growth and prosperity.

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Driving Talent Acquisition and Business Growth

Magnet empowers large organizations with networks of businesses to optimize their talent acquisition strategies and support business growth. Our technology enables Enterprise Partners to streamline their recruitment processes, access a diverse pool of qualified candidates, and efficiently match talent to job opportunities. Moreover, Magnet's platform supports large-scale upskilling and reskilling efforts, allowing businesses to adapt to changing market demands and build a resilient workforce. With Magnet as your partner, you can unlock new talent pipelines, enhance employee retention, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Enhancing Employment Service Delivery and Impact

Community partners, as front-line employment service providers, play a crucial role in supporting individuals and communities in their workforce and economic development journeys. Magnet equips community partners with cutting-edge tools and resources to enhance their service delivery and make a greater impact. Our platform enables efficient job opportunity management, career support services, and access to valuable labor market information. By partnering with Magnet, community organizations can amplify their reach, improve client outcomes, and foster economic empowerment in underserved communities.

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Industry Associations & Sector Councils

Empowering Collaborative Solutions and Industry Growth

Magnet recognizes the pivotal role played by industry associations and sector councils in supporting businesses and driving industry growth. Our platform provides industry-specific tools and resources that enable associations and councils to facilitate collaboration, share best practices, and deliver targeted programs and services. Through Magnet, industry partners can connect businesses with the right talent, promote workforce development initiatives, and foster innovation within their sectors. By leveraging our technology and network, industry associations and sector councils can drive collective action, enhance industry competitiveness, and contribute to the overall growth of their sectors.

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Technology & Integration

Unlocking the Full Potential of Technology

Magnet integrates technology to build comprehensive solutions and tools that meet the diverse needs of stakeholders in Canada's training and education ecosystem. By collaborating with our partners, we ensure that technology goes further and does more. Together, we support the integration of various systems, enable better reporting and program management, and provide access to a broader range of services and programs for individuals and businesses. Through seamless integration, Magnet enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire workforce development ecosystem, driving positive change and maximizing the impact for all stakeholders

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