Government Collaboration

Aligning Priorities for Canada's Future

We collaborate closely with government organizations at all levels to align initiatives with Canadian priorities and policies to ensure Canada has the workforce and economy we need for the future. By leveraging our technology infrastructure, we offer insights and reporting on labour market trends and outcomes, helping inform evidence-based decision-making and program evaluation.

Enabling Community Organizations

Strengthening Local Opportunities

We actively engage and support community organizations that play a crucial role in facilitating employment and training opportunities at the local level. Through partnerships and capacity-building initiatives, we provide organizations at the front-line of service delivery with more tools to deliver their impactful programs and support their communities. By fostering collaboration and sharing resources, we create a stronger ecosystem that drives positive change and equitable growth.

Empowering Industry Associations

Fueling Business Success

Sector councils and industry associations are essential in supporting businesses, in every industry, to growth and maintaining competitiveness. Magnet's platform provides digital tools that empower these organizations with resource sharing, collaboration, and efficient program delivery within their respective industries. By connecting industry stakeholders and enabling knowledge exchange, we drive innovation and create a thriving business landscape across the country.

Supporting Employers and Businesses

Finding the Right Talent, Driving Growth

We assist employers in finding the right talent through our comprehensive job matching, talent assessment, and recruitment processes. Additionally, we offer support for their growth and development through funding opportunities and business support programs. By facilitating connections between employers and qualified candidates, we contribute to the success of businesses and drive economic growth.

Empowering Job Seekers and Talent

Navigating the Labour Market Landscape

We empower job seekers by connecting them with relevant opportunities and providing access to job matching tools, skills assessment resources, and training opportunities. Our aim is to enhance their employability and enable them to navigate the dynamic labour market landscape successfully. By equipping individuals with the right tools and resources, we foster their professional growth and contribute to a prosperous workforce.

Through our network-based approach, Magnet cultivates collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource mobilization among stakeholders. We are committed to driving positive change, addressing labour market challenges, and contributing to the growth and prosperity of individuals, businesses, and communities across Canada. Together, we empower Canada's workforce, unlock opportunities, and create a future of shared success.

Networked Approach

Magnet's networked approach connects users to multiple communities with a single sign-on, granting access to a wide range of tools and resources. This streamlined approach can enhance the effectiveness of public resources and the overall coordination of the publicly funded employment and training system, enabling individuals and businesses to benefit from diverse programs and services across Canada.

Through our platform, Magnet empowers partners to deliver tailored solutions within their unique communities while contributing to the overarching goal of fostering an inclusive economy. Our network of interconnected communities facilitates collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovative practices, driving positive change in workforce development.