Why Work with Magnet

Enhanced Solutions for Canadian Individuals and Businesses

Magnet integrates a range of cutting-edge technologies from various integration partners. These technologies are utilized to create and build tools and solutions that are offered to users through the Magnet platform.

  • Data partners research and analyze labor market information, activity, and trends. Magnet users and partners benefit from comprehensive labor market information dashboards that address the needs of job seekers and employers.
  • Technology partners develop learning management systems, digital training programs, and job support tools. Magnet users benefit from innovative solutions that effectively blend job searching, upskilling, recruitment, and collaboration.
  • Network partners support the delivery of job seeker and employer support programs. Magnet users benefit from convenient single sign-on access to partner products and services.
  • Learning partners explore innovative approaches to skills training and workforce development. Magnet users benefit from robust learning tools that help individuals upskill and reskill.
  • Content partners collaborate with Magnet to deliver relevant and engaging content that supports the needs of our diverse user base across Canada's training and employment ecosystem.
Benefits for technology & integration partners

Expand your reach with value-driven integrations and collaboration

Revolutionize your Reach and User Experience with the Magnet Network

By partnering with Magnet, integration partners can expand their reach and tap into a wider audience. This collaboration enables you to grow your user base and drive the uptake of your products and services by plugging into the Magnet network.

Be Part of a Single Pathway for Users to Access Useful Tools and Resources

Joining forces with Magnet allows integration partners to be part of a unified pathway where individuals and businesses can seamlessly connect to benefit from a wide range of useful tools and resources. This streamlined user experience enhances engagement and improves client satisfaction.

Collaborate with an Innovative Partner to Achieve Mutual Success

As an integration partner, you have the opportunity to collaborate with Magnet, an innovative leader in the training and employment ecosystem. Working together, we can achieve mutually beneficial goals, leveraging each other's strengths and expertise to create impactful solutions.

Improve Client Experience with Easier Navigation Across Programs and Services

Integration with Magnet enables integration partners to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for clients. By integrating your products and services into the Magnet platform, users can easily navigate across various programs and services, enhancing their overall experience.

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